CNU-CTX Design Reviews - Experience and expertise in New Urbanism for your next project

CNU-CTX Design Review is a technical assistance service we offer to developers, planners, municipalities, and organizations with an interest in a development project or place-making effort in Central Texas.

We can provide access to some of the most creative minds and leading edge practitioners of urban development in Central Texas.  Let us assemble a panel of urban design professionals customized to provide feedback on your project.

Your panel of experts will draw from CNU-CTX directors and members with CNU-A accreditation and expertise in:

  • Public policy, land use entitlements, and code;
  • Architecture and engineering;
  • Transportation and street design;
  • Market rate and affordable development;
  • TND greenfield, brownfield redevelopment, and urban infill;
  • Design and planning;
  • Environmental resiliency and stormwater management;
  • Tactical urbanism and incremental phasing;
  • Marketing and retail strategies.
The opportunity to have the collective wealth of experience and knowledge CNU-CTX could provide our project was not one we could pass up - the input we received was invaluable.
— Cid Galindo

Whether at the initial concept phase or at a critical juncture, our collaborative Design Review is your opportunity to test ideas off a sounding board of experts in New Urbanism.  

Panels will assist in identifying design opportunities, challenges, and potential lines of resistances and provide recommendations for how to bring about a successful implementation of your project.  

For a suggested donation of $2000.00 plus expenses, we can provide a 2 hour Design Review with a select panel to review your project and provide the input you seek.   For a suggested donation of  $5,000 plus expenses we can arrange for a half-day work session with a customized panel to your project to work with your entire team.  

All donations support our mission to advance the building of great places in Central Texas.

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