About CNU Central Texas

The Congress for the New Urbanism Central Texas Chapter (CNU-CTX) is dedicated to making better places for people in Central Texas. We bring together experts, leaders and communities to guide our region toward creating more livable and resilient communities people love. Our work and mission to affect change through education and advocacy is guided by the Charter for the New Urbanism. We achieve this in three ways:  Advocate, Connect, Educate



CNU-CTX advocates for more walkable, mixed-use, human-scaled, and vibrant communities. You can find links to our advocacy and official positions here.  Key efforts in the Austin area include:

  • CodeNEXT: As Austin revises its land development code to be in alignment with Imagine Austin's vision for a "compact and connected" City, CNU-CTX remains involved to inform, educate, and advocate for a code that will realize the goal of more walkable, mixed-use, human-scaled and vibrant places in our City.  
  • Imagine Austin Comprehensive Plan: CNU-CTX members had extensive involvement in the multi-year comprehensive planning process and advocacy - particularly in support of “compact and connected” principles.  We continue to call for and support the successful implementation of Imagine Austin.
  • Downtown Austin Plan: CNU-CTX advocated for a form-based approach and strategies to advance implementation. 
  • East Riverside Corridor Regulating Plan: CNU-CTX played an active role in the community planning effort in the East Riverside Corridor Regulating Plan
  • Airport Boulevard Corridor Plan: CNU-CTX members were appointed to the Citizen Advisory Committee to help shape and guide this plan and code. 


CNU-CTX brings together people with diverse perspectives who care passionately about how our communities grow. Through collaboration we're expanding our reach to improve the quality of conversation about growth. CNU-CTX:

  • Convenes meetings of allied groups who work on land use, planning, development, the environment, and related issues to identify opportunities for collaboration.
  • Works with allied groups to promote the successful implementation of the Imagine Austin Comprehensive Plan's vision for a "compact and connected" Austin.
  • Co-hosts Happy Hours and other networking events to build relationships and common ground. 


CNU-CTX creates engaging educational opportunities to stimulate dialogue about challenges and solutions, and to share best practices about creating urban places. Events include:

  • Quarterly Café UrbanCityMatters 20X20 presentation events, and Membership Meetings on topics about design, affordability, financing, form-based code, and transportation.
  • Screening selected films from the Los Angeles based New Urbanism Film Festival.
  • The CNU-CTX Annual Luncheon that brings together hundreds of regional leaders and features cutting-edge thinkers to share best practices and innovations.
  • CNU-CTX Walking Tours led by planners, builders, and designers to explore how policy and planning issues impact the built environment.

With so many issues critical to good urbanism being decided now in Austin, San Antonio and around Central Texas, we are thrilled with the growing involvement and support of CNU-CTX.

Check out our Events page to get involved. By becoming a CNU member, you help CNU maintain a strong national voice and support the Central Texas Chapter. 

Our programming is made possible by our Strategic and Sustaining Partners. Check out our sponsors page to learn more about how you can help us fulfill our mission.

Read the CNU Central Texas ByLaws (last updated May 17, 2013)