About CNU Central Texas

The Congress for the New Urbanism Central Texas Chapter (CNU-CTX) is dedicated to making better places for people in Central Texas. We bring together experts, leaders and communities to guide our region toward creating more livable and prosperous communities. Our work is guided by the Charter for the New Urbanism and our mission is to affect change through education and advocacy based on the Charter. 


CNU-CTX has taken an active role in advocating for the principles articulated in the Charter for the New Urbanism and providing leadership to foster more walkable, mixed-use, human-scaled, and vibrant communities. Since hosting the CNU Congress in 2008, CNU-CTX has been engaged in a number of key efforts in the Austin area, including:

  • Imagine Austin Comprehensive Plan: Extensive involvement in multi-year comprehensive planning process; advocated for concepts of “compact and connected” in the plan; supported adoption of plan which was unanimously passed in 2012 by Austin City Council.
  • Downtown Austin Plan: CNU working group dedicated to planning process; advocated for form-based approach and strategies to advance implementation. Passed by City Council in 2011.
  • East Riverside Corridor Plan: Active role in robust community planning effort; ongoing work to address key issues in East Riverside Corridor Regulating Plan that would compromise the plan’s long-term success. Significantly engaged in final adoption strategy.
  • Airport Boulevard Corridor Plan: CNU-CTX members appointed to the Citizen Advisory Committee; ongoing engagement to shape and guide this plan and code.


CNU-CTX brings together people who care passionately about how our communities grow, but have diverse perspectives. Through collaboration and relationship building, we’ve expanded our reach and improved the quality of conversation about growth issues.

  • Convene meetings of allied groups who work on land use, planning, development, the environment and related issues to identify opportunities for collaboration; co-hosted events, workshops.
  • Launched an enhanced website which fosters greater communication, information sharing and access to events and resources.
  • Expanded social media presence to encourage active two-way conversation on issues.  
  • Increased Chapter membership and launched NextGen group to engage younger people.


CNU-CTX excels at creating fun, engaging and insightful educational opportunities that stimulate fresh dialogue about challenges and solutions. People come from all over to learn, network and share their best thinking about creating urban communities.  

  • Conduct quarterly Café Urban events and General Membership Meetings on topics like design, affordability, financing, compatibility, form-based code, and transportation.
  • Host an annual luncheon that brings together hundreds of regional leaders and features cutting-edge thinkers to share best practices and innovations.
  • Use tactical urbanism events to help people see ideas in practice; created temporary park in front of downtown store that led to permanent conversion of parking spots.
  • Convene “walking tours” led by developers and designers to explore how policy and planning issues are impacting the built environment.
  • Co-host educational workshops for continuing education credits on relevant topics.

With so many issues critical to good urbanism being decided now in Austin and around Central Texas, we are thrilled with the growing involvement and support of CNU-CTX.

Check out our get involved page to learn more how you can play an active role in our work locally. And by becoming a CNU member, you help CNU maintain a strong national voice, as well as support the Central Texas Chapter. 

We have also created the Sustaining Partner program to help increase our reach and expand local programming, civic engagement, education and member services. Check out our sponsors page to learn more.

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